Frequently asked questions


I had a bad experience with the previous web store, is the site different now?

Hellyeahmerch.com is now run by FIO Merch & Design which is managed and run by Luke Fletcher who has been Hellyeah's road merch person for 11 of the past 14 years. There's a good chance we've crossed paths. My goal with the new hellyeahmerch.com is to provide: best customer service possible, maintain the tight-knit hellion family, consistently provide new and cool merch.

Is Hellyeah done?  Is Hellyeah still making music?

Hellyeah still has plenty coming in the near future. Even if members go off to do another project, such as Chad with Mudvayne, they will most definitely reconvene and continue with Hellyeah. Hellyeah continues to write new music and keep busy.

When will Hellyeah tour again?

The guys will definitely tour again!

I run a retail store, can I carry Hellyeah merch in it?

Contact us and we can figure it out.

Do you have anymore of *** design on *** ?

If it's an archive piece of merch, almost certainly no. We emptied all the merch storage and brought it to one central location and made all of it available online. Check the 'merch swap' page

Orders & Returns

Can I split payments on items? Like pay half one card half the other

Most likely. We'll need to manually do this and is subject to a case-by-case basis. Contact us from the Contact page and let us know what's up

How long do I have to return or exchange an item?

We're happy to accept returns or exchanges for up to 90 days after your purchase.

I bought something from the previous merch company, can I return it?

Hellyeah Merch is now run by FIO Merch & Design, we have no direct affiliation with the previous merchandise companies who managed and maintained the previous website. There's a chance we may be able to swap an item previously purchased, but not guaranteed. Contact us and let us know what's up. You can also post your item in the HELLIONS / MERCH SWAP area and swap with another Hellion

Do you have any stuff from Mudvayne, Pantera, Damageplan, RMR, Nothingface, Bloodsimple, etc?

No, though members of Hellyeah are members of other bands, this site will only carry Hellyeah merch. All other bands have their own respective merch stores that are not affiliated with FIO Merch & Design nor Hellyeah

How do I return an item

Easy-peasy...just give us a heads up that you would like to return or exchange an item. Mail it the cheapest method to us at: FIO Merch & Design Attn: Hellyeah Merch 294 E. Old Plank Rd Columbia, Missouri 65203

Do you reimburse for return shipping?

Return shipping of an item for return/exchange is responsibility of the merch buyer. Was something damaged in transit? Contact us so we can help you file a claim with the shipper

What service do you ship with?

Most items will ship via USPS. We have the best service and pricing with them, which allows us to pass on lower prices on merch to the customer

Can I get an item expedited?

Most likely! Let us know before you place an order

Where all do you ship?

We'll ship worldwide. Shipping costs internationally will vary per item and location

Do you accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other Cryptocurrency?

Not at the moment. Hopefully in the near future

Is this a legit, official Hellyeah Page?

Yes. It assuredly is. Hellyeahmerch.com is actually the original home of Hellyeah's official merch store since 2007. Over the years the rights have moved between several merchandise companies. Hellyeah, the band themselves, has commissioned me (Luke Fletcher, their current road merchandise manager since 2008) to gather up all the unsold merch in storage from around the US, organize, and get it all online for sale. That's exactly what this site is. Though new items may pop up that we didn't have on the road, or items you may have never seen before, it is all officially licensed HELLYEAH merchandise. The plan is to move all sales to this central location where they once were over a decade ago, and move forward with all merch sales here-on-out -- ultimately closing any open avenues that may still be remaining. 100% All profits go directly to the band members themselves. No bootlegs, no knockoffs, no imported BS -- all merchandise and/or designs have come direct from Chad, Vin (rip), Tom, Kyle, Brady. Merchandise prior to 2014 may have in part been created under direction of Bob Zilla & Greg Tribbett. All merchandise designs are property of HELLYEAH TOURS INC. No images may be used, advertised, without written consent of Hellyeahmerch.com and Hellyeah Tours Inc. Sincerely, Luke M. Fletcher

Hellions Rewards Points

How does this work?

Simple. Sign up for an account on the website before you place any order. If you've already created an account, log in and place your order. You gain points by how much you spend. $1 spent = 1 point. 50 points = $5 off next purchase. 100 points = $10...and so on

How do I get points?

A variety of ways: you get 1 point for every $1 spent on the site (this excludes shipping and tax costs) Click the icon, My Merch Rewards,on the bottom left and it'll show other ways to gain points. Simply by: Sharing the site on Facebook, Liking the FB page, sharing with friends, referring friends that buy, etc.

How does Friend Referral work?

Click the My Hellion Rewards icon. (log in, if you haven't already). It will give you a 'referral code'. Share that code on your facebook page. When people click through your link and make a purchase, you each get $5 discount coupon. You can also share your link via email, direct message, etc.

How do I redeem points?

Be logged into your account on hellyeahmerch.com. Click the 'My Merch Rewards' icon bottom left. It will show your available points at the top. Click 'Ways to Redeem'..depending on your points, it will give you a variety of options. If 50-99, it'll give you a $5 redemption code. 100-145 = $10 code. And so on... Click 'Redeem'. It will give you a discount code for your next order (example: HY-33eb104a38a35) Copy that code and paste it into 'Promo Code' on the checkout screen when you're ready to check out. Bam! It'll deduct the redemption amount instantly. *Tax and Shipping are not deducted from promo codes

I didn't log in before an earlier purchase, now I'm missing points

Visit 'Missing Points' under 'Hellions'. Fill out that form and include all info. Can also reach that page directly here: https://www.hellyeahmerch.com/contact-8-1

How do I sign up?

Easy, just click the 'My Merch Rewards' icon (bottom left) -- sign into the website, or create an account, like normal. As long as you're logged into the website when making purchases, it will add to your rewards account.