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Is This a Legit HELLYEAH Merch Site?

Yes.  It assuredly is. is actually the original home of Hellyeah's official merch store since 2007.  Over the years the rights have moved between several merchandise companies and different homes.

Hellyeah, the band themselves, has commissioned me (Luke Fletcher, their current road merchandise manager since 2008) to gather up all the unsold merch in storage from around the US, organize, and get it all online for sale.

That's exactly what this site is.

Though new items may pop up that we didn't have on the road, or items you may have never seen before, it is all officially licensed HELLYEAH merchandise.  The plan is to move all sales to this central location where they once were over a decade ago and release new, official merchandise alongside the old merch archives.


100% of profits go directly to the band members themselves.


No bootlegs, no knockoffs.  No BS!  All merchandise and/or designs have come direct from Chad, Vin (rip), Tom, Kyle, Brady.  Merchandise prior to 2014 may have in part been created under direction of Bob Zilla & Greg Tribbett.


All merchandise designs are property of HELLYEAH TOURS INC.

No images may be used, advertised, without written consent of and Hellyeah Tours Inc.



Luke M. Fletcher


Customer Care

Welcome to  This is the official archive store of the band HELLYEAH.  All products sold are authentic merchandise.  This website is a compilation of new merchandise and tour merch leftover from years past.

Privacy & Safety

We take privacy and safety VERY serious!  We respect your privacy and try to be transparent with any way you may interact with this website.  Any emails or phone numbers collected, will be for Hellyeah Merch marketing or advertising purposes.  You are always able to opt out at anytime.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.  We're happy to help!

Retail Inquiries

Want to stock Hellyeah merch in your store?  Contact Hellyeah Merch / FIO Merch & Design to discuss options.  

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We process online credit card transactions securely through Square.  With Square we can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.  We also offer gift cards (subject to seasonal availability) and PayPal transactions.  

All payments are processed with the highest degree of encryption security available.  No credit card information is locally stored by Hellyeah Merch.  

Transactions will appear on your credit card or bank statements as payments to FIO-Merch / Hellyeah.

We can also accept other methods of payment, including:  money order, cash, check, service trade.  These other methods are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to inquire about a different payment service, please contact us.

We do not accept Bitcoin or other crypto currencies (at least not yet).  

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